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Wireless Sensor Networks

Created: 08 Mar 2010
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 On a day today basis, so many natural disaster happen in this world and we people are looking for mechanism to prevent the same or detect the same initially itself. We are speaking of so many new technologies and we are not at all working it out. Think of the incidents like Missing Chopper of a CM in India, Tsunami which struck the Eastern Coast of India, Missing AirFrance in the Atlantic. Like this there are so many incidents, which keeps annoying technology people on how to initially detect or how to find the missing things once the disaster has happened. The lack of usage in technology in many of the developed nation is the reason for the same. 

We are spending lots and lots of amount for rescue and search operation when a disaster like this has happened. If we have taken an extra mile in implementing the technology in the natural or unexpected diasters, these kind of rescue operations will be made simple and in some times, we can even prevent the loss due to natural disasters like Tsunami, Hurricane etc...
Let us assume, if we are going with the wireless sensor networks, these kind of operations will be made simple to all the people across the world. The sensor gateway or the sensor administration would have located the place with in few hrs. Way back if people have still thought of the Tsunami which hit the eastern coast of India, even that could have been tracked using the Wireless Sensor Networks.
Some time back the Air France aircraft had gone missing while flying out from Brazil. Those people used wireless sensor networks to identify the spot. I agree that also took a long time, because thats a heavy sea area and it is not very easy to get the signal from sea as we can get easily from the land.
I would sincerely recommend govt to make use of the wireless senor network in these kind of rescue operations and implement the same where ever we feel some natural or unexpected disaster will happen. This will really reduce the cost and the manual labor required for the search operations. Also, people could have been early warned about the natural disasters, like Tsunami, Cyclone etc...
Please refer to to know more about the WSN.