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Workflow 7 Licensing, what do I get?

Created: 18 Aug 2009 • Updated: 18 Aug 2009
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I don't know if anyone else has posted this here but one of things our clients are asking about, especially as their AUP's come up for renewal, is "I've heard Workflow Licensing has changed now what do I need to renew????"

Hopefully I can try and explain this a bit here.  We had some Symantec people in town meeting with customers and received the following answer

In Notification Server 6.X world there were several ways one could purchase a license for workflow

  • Workflow Soluton (license for the server)
  • Workflow Designer (program to modify and customize workflows) -- Licensed per user
  • Workflow Process Manager -- Licensed per user
  • Workflow Advanced (included portal, repository and a couple of other extras

Now in the Workflow 7 World (yes Workflow 7 connects to a Notification Server 6 world, but you do need a NS7 box for licensing, could be same box)
Within the Symantec Management Platform there is now Workflow Core - comes w/ the Management Platform, gives you access to build your own workflows and integrate within the the Management Platform (CMS, AMS, SMS)
Outside of Workflow Core there is now:

  • Workflow -- bought as a site license, no limit on amount of servers, etc you can use.  Grants you the ability to integrate outside of the Symantec Platform
  • Workflow Enterprise -- gives you clustering of Workflows and some other advanced tools for Very Large Enterprises

So what do I get for my current NS 6.x licenses

If I have Workflow Solution then I get Workflow

If I have Workflow Advanced I can move to Workflow Enterprise if I need it along w/ an upgrade fee

But you don't have to renew your Designer or process licenses as these come through the Workflow Core product.

Hopefully that clarifies things