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Workflow Collaborative Documentation Comes to Connect

Created: 03 Jul 2012 • Updated: 10 Jul 2013 • 6 comments
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As an innovation leader, Symantec has broken new ground again, this time in developer documentation. After an in-depth review of documentation for development frameworks similar to Workflow, we found that the best available documentation is community based. Unfortunately, community-based documentation tends to be both unstructured and difficult to find.  

For the upcoming release of Workflow 7.5, we have revolutionized the concept of community-based documentation by creating component wiki pages for every component included in Workflow. These wiki pages are available inside the Workflow Designer, where Workflow developers need to find it, as part of each component’s Online Help. This new component wiki model makes structured, community-based content available at its point of use.  

As a member of the Workflow community, you can earn Symantec Connect points by adding your knowledge, use cases, and examples to the wiki pages for the components that you use.

Jason Short
Sr Product Manager

UPDATE: 130 documentation articles, created by the Symantec Workflow Team, have just been added to Connect. You can see the mose recently updated Workflow documentation articles by navigating to the Articles page Filter by Author: "Symantec Workspace Team", and Sort by: "Recently Updated". This is your opportunity to add your knowledge as well! For information about how to contribute see Contributing to Workflow’s Collaborative Component Pages (10 July 2013)

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I have seen some pages appear for the Workflow Online Help already during some searches.

Is there a direct link to the Workflow Online Help via connect to start adding information to about the components?

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It's great to see the community excited about contributing to these help pages!

As Jason mentioned, the idea is that the primary interface with these help pages will be from the component help directly in Workflow Designer. Having an online "Table of Contents" would be a great idea though - for use when not working in Designer. In the meantime, you can either search for component names here in Connect OR search for posts by the user "SymantecWorkflowTeam."

The contents of the existing Component Guide will be imported sometime soon, so be aware that changes to those components (150 or so) *may* be overwritten between now and the release of 7.5. You can find that guide here:

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I'd also like to see a direct link.


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Thanks for your interest, we have created the seed article pages, and we are in the process of migrating our component documentation over to those articles of the next few months, targeting to have that complete before the release of 7.5.  In the meantime, each of the seed articles are available, there are more than 2600 article pages.  

In WF 7.5, you can link to the article page per component directory from inside the Workflow Designer.  Until then, there are two ways to get to this information inside Connect.

1) Search for the article by the component name.  For example if want to find the page for the "Compare Numbers Rule" you can enter that in the 'Search Box' at the top of any Connect page and it will be one of the first articles listed.  All Component Wiki Help Articles have "SymantecWorkflowTeam" as the author.

2) Use the URL logic.  In all cases, the component name is used as part of the URL.  If you want to find the compare numbers rule you can go to with '-' for spaces in the component name.

I hope this helps.  We may look at creating a central table of contents link page, but given the number of articles, we are concerned about the usability.  

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jjesse's picture


I think relying on Connect's search functionality may not be the best choice.  When the site 1st launched the search on Connect was terrrible and the best place to search Connect was a site search using Google instead of the search on Connect.  While the search has GREATLY IMPROVED, it is still best searched using Google.

When the originial Juice ( was launched there was a WIKI page vs actual articles and people could edit it just as a normal wiki would work.  So if someone wanted to add a new page they just added a new page and then linked it off the main page or whatever the correct page is within the wiki.  Leveraging something like a full out wiki would seem to make more sense then a bunch of articles linked off a forum or something.

Just my htought...

Looking forward to all this content

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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ohzone - CherylPeterson's picture

The Workflow team has posted a short "How To" for those of you who are interested in contributing. It shows how to filter the articles as well.

We'll update it as often as is necessary to keep you informed about additions.

Contributing to Workflow’s Collaborative Component Pages


(updated: 13 Aug 2012)

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