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Workflow Publishing Woes - After Publishing the displayed page is blank in a Web Browser

Created: 09 Oct 2009
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In familiarizing myself with Workflow and its features, I began by building a simple webforms project in Workflow 6.5, and testing the project in debug mode, it worked fine.  However, wanting to try out all of the fun new features, and to make this test application  accessible by others, It was published to the server.  After publishing it, and attempting to use the URL of the published package, the page that should have appeared was not to be found.  THe browser attempted to load the page, but it simply came up blank.  Arrgghh!.

After some troubleshooting and a support call, it was discovered that the web root folders (and sub-folders) of the Workflow program installation folder did not have proper NTFS permissions granted.  It is possible that the installation of workflow was performed with an account that had less than local admin privileges.

In this case, the permissions were changed at the root of the Workflow Program installation folder (normally ...\Program Files\Altiris\Workflow Designer).  The local USERS group (servername/Users)  was granted the following NTFS permissions:

Read and Execute
List Folder

We opened up the advanced option on the permissions (Security) page, and assured that all child objects would recieve the new permissions as well.

Further research showed that you can be more specific in your approach.  You can give the IIS_WPG group (which contains ASPNET, IWAM_MachineName, LOCAL SERVICE, NETWORK SERVICE & SYSTEM) read/write access to the same  web root directory & everything beneath.