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Workflow Tutorial: Understanding Data Flow [Complex Types]

Created: 10 Mar 2008 • 1 comment
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Do you relish a challenge? Enjoy doing a crossword puzzle in ink? In this tutorial you will tackle complex types with this data flow project.

Do you think you're equal to it? I triple dog dare ya!

Prerequisites: None

Objective: To learn the flow of data.

Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes

Step 1: Create a new Decision Only project.

Step 2: Click on Import components and click on the Create Integration Library button. Type the Library name as shown below:

Step 3: Select User Defined Type Definition in the Dynamic Type Creation Selection window. Click the OK button.

Step 4: In the WizardForm, add a New Data Type and name it as 'Person'.

Step 5: Add the following properties for the data type Person by right-clicking on Person and selecting Add Property:

Property name Type
Name Text
Age Number (integer)
Address Text
Phone Text

Step 6: Click Next to move to the Settings page and enter the Namespace, the default is Generated. If there will be multiple libraries, select different names.

Click Finish to add the userTypes.dll library. Then, click OK twiceto return to the Model: Primary screen.

Step 7: Set the Input Data as shown below:

Step 8: Set the Output Data as shown below:

Step 9: Link the Start and End components as shown below:

Step 10: Right click the End component and select Edit Component.

Step 11: Set the Mapping property by clicking the selector button next to the Value from Data field. Set the variable name by clicking on 'InputValue' as shown below. Click OK 3 times.

Step 12: Save and Run the project by clicking the Run project button on the toolbar (bug with green arrow over it). Double-click the Execute link.

Step 13: Click the selector button next to the Input Value field and set the Input parameters as shown below:

Step 14: The results are shown as below:

Step 15: Finished!

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imi so ubu's picture

I am just starting to review some of the posts. Being a fairly new user, I appreciate the thorough breakdown of information in the training doc that you provided.

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