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Workflow Tutorial: Understanding Data Flow [Optional Data]

Created: 10 Mar 2008 • Updated: 10 Mar 2008
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I think that I shall never see data as lovely as a tree.. Something like that anyway. This tutorial will help you understand data flow by setting the input and output data. The Number Range rule in the DecisionTree component is used for illustrating this concept.

Prerequisites: None

Objective: Create a project to understand data flow.

Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes

Step 1: Create a new Decision Only project and set the Input Data as shown below:

Step 2: Set the Output Data as shown below:

Step 3: Click on the Model: Primary tab and click the Import Components button under the Toolbox window. In the Workflow Designer Libraries tab select 'DecisionTable.xdll' and click the Add button. Click OK.

Step 4: Drag and drop the DecisionTree component from the Component palette under the Rules / Advanced Decisioning category. Right click the DecisionTree component and select Edit Component.

Step 5: In the Edit Component window click the selector button next to the Output Data field. Click the Add button and add values as shown below. Check the Null Allowed box.

Step 6: Link the components and double click the DecisionTree component. The Decision Tree Editor appears. Click the Next button and right click on Right click to add rule. Click Add Rule.

Step 7: Select the NumberRangeRule from the Rules / Math category. Click OK.

Step 8: Select NumberRangeRule and click the selector button next to the Compare Variable field. Set the variable as 'Mark'.

Step 9: Set the Values as shown below by typing in the Values field:

Step 10: Set the corresponding Ret Grade for each number range as shown below. Set the Ret Grade value for 'less than 20' and 'greater than 100' as 'null'.

Step 11: Link the End component to the DecisionTree component as shown below. Right click the End component and select Edit Component.

Step 12: Set the Mapping property as 'Retgrade' by clicking the Include optional data check box.

Step 13: Save and Run the project. Double click the Execute link and set the Input parameter Mark as shown below. Click OK.

Step 14: The results are shown as below:

Step 15: Finished!