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The Worst Passwords of 2013

Created: 21 Jan 2014
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SplashData has compiled a list of the 25 worst passwords of 2013.  This list is from files containing stolen passwords posted online during the previous year.

This year's list is heavily influenced by the large number of Adobe user passwords posted online following the company's 2013 security breach.

"Seeing passwords like 'adobe123' and 'photoshop' on this list offers a good reminder not to base your password on the name of the website or application you are accessing," says Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData.

SplashData's list of frequently used passwords shows that many people continue to put themselves at risk by using weak, easily guessable passwords. Some other passwords in the Top Ten include "qwerty," "abc123," "111111," and "iloveyou."

"Another interesting aspect of this year's list is that more short numerical passwords showed up even though websites are starting to enforce stronger password policies," Slain said. For example, new to this year's list are simple and easily guessable passwords like "1234" at #16, "12345" at #20, and "000000" at #25.


Source : Splashdata 


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