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Your Favorite Online Neighborhood Has Your Back

Created: 25 Apr 2012 • Updated: 27 Apr 2012
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With more than 840 million registered users, Facebook has long been everyone’s favorite online location. We update our status, check in to our favorite shops and restaurants, play social games, post family photos and live our lives increasingly in the top global social networking space. With this popularity, Facebook has realized they can do more to help educate members about the best ways to remain protected while enjoying everything Facebook has to offer.

Today, Facebook and Symantec announce a great partnership. Facebook has a security site, the Facebook AV Marketplace, where new-to-Norton Facebook users can download a free 6-month copy of our flagship Norton AntiVirus for either a Mac or a PC. So if you aren’t using any security on your computer, or you’ve wanted to try Norton for free, now is a great time to do so. You can learn more at the Facebook Security Blog

We spend so much time in these virtual neighborhoods and cybercriminals have followed us there, testing our passwords, trying to gain access to our accounts. Often, the crooks, having access to our account, will spread a hoax message to our friends, trying to trick them into sending money or sharing information. Malware, in the form of clickjacking links, has also been a problem for users and for the site to defeat. As part of this partnership, Norton will also work with Facebook to detect and alert users to potentially malicious URLs on the site, helping to provide a safer experience for everyone.  Norton and Facebook share a common goal of protecting consumers online, and today’s partnership agreement demonstrates the efforts being made to ensure your social networking remains protected, regardless of the device used to access your online world. 

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