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Data Insight Report Exchange

Public Group | Founded: 21 May 2014 | Serving 28 members

Dear All,

Welcome to the Report Exchange group for Data Insight! The group is hosted on Symantec Connect and is intended for sharing the ad hoc custom report queries or templates created using Data Insight Query Language (DQL). Every organization is unique with different questions about the data they own but collectively we can all benefit from these shared insights. We invite you to share your insights into the data or learn from peers and collectively unlock the power of data science and analytics! We are committed to periodically share new queries or analysis ideas on this group.

What is DQL?

How to create and share DQL queries and templates?



Group Activity

New download 28 Jul 2014
Over the time, there are instances when permissions are assigned to unknown SIDs on file systems. These unknown or unresolved SIDs belong to deleted security groups or users and sit on the file-system unnecessarily. While most administrators want ...
New download 30 Jun 2014
While managing permissions on shared resources, one of the recommended practice is to assign permissions to groups rather than to users directly. Maintaining user accounts directly can be cumbersome and inefficient especially when people are moving ...
New download 03 Jun 2014
How To share DQL queries\templates on Connect: Login to Symantec Connect community page and mouse-hover on Create Content. From the drop-down, click Download. On the Create page, specify a suitable Title that indicates the use-case. Add a description ...
New article 02 Jun 2014
As a data scientist at Symantec and collaborator with the Data Insight engineering team, I have been leveraging DQL to make it easier to conduct my research.  When I explore data, I use Python to rapidly write code to validate ideas.  I ...
New article 29 May 2014
Data Insight Query Language (DQL) was introduced in version 4.0 of Data Insight and has a powerful SQL like interface that allows you to execute custom queries/reports against the data being monitored. DQL is documented in detail under the Data Insight ...