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Data Insight Report Exchange

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Dear All,

Welcome to the Report Exchange group for Data Insight! The group is hosted on Symantec Connect and is intended for sharing the ad hoc custom report queries or templates created using Data Insight Query Language (DQL). Every organization is unique with different questions about the data they own but collectively we can all benefit from these shared insights. We invite you to share your insights into the data or learn from peers and collectively unlock the power of data science and analytics! We are committed to periodically share new queries or analysis ideas on this group.

What is DQL?

How to create and share DQL queries and templates?

Group Activity

New discussion 20 Aug 2015
Hi, I'm running a DQL report which queries the dfspath table, and unexpectidly getting "(null)" values being reported in every column where it trys to resolve the DFS path ...
New discussion 04 Aug 2015
Hi, I have a report which searches a list of paths for certain types of files such as vmdk, for example. FROM dfspath GET absname IF extension = 'vmdk' AND (substri(dfspath.absname, '<search path1>')=1  OR substri(dfspath.absname, ...