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Neuer Blog-Eintrag 06 Juli 2015
The scale and severity of hacking and cyber-attacks in what has become an increasingly sophisticated and aggressive landscape call for a rapid and effective response. There are many solutions posed, from many quarters, and not a great deal of harmonious thinking as to what needs to be done. This, I believe, is where global intelligence & data analytics come to the fore – offering the advanced ...
Aktualisierte Diskussion 06 Juli 2015
Hello, My name is Rod and im having and issue with my Norton 360 Product. I have 6 machines all with Norton 360 on them. I have an 1tb external i have them all backing up to. Each one i have mapped an unique path and each Norton backs up to a seperate folder on the drive.No two backups are in the same folder. I put in the ARestore.exe and get the local and unique ARestore LOC ...
Aktualisierte Diskussion 06 Juli 2015
Hi All,  need one help  Am having two master servers A & B where A is runnning on windows server 2008 and B is  running on solaris now i want to use media of solaris setup to windows setup. also all medias have been expire in solaris do i need to import those medias in windows  setup? or if i insert those medias in windows setup i will be able to use it directly?
Aktualisierte Diskussion 06 Juli 2015
Hello guys, We are currently considering various DRI possibilities and one of them is related to backup / restore using Netbackup. The scope is our VMware environment which is backuped at the hypervisor (ESXi 5.5U2) level. These backup are replicated toward other NetBackup appliances in another country. Considering we have a dedicated vCenter running in the DRI country, is it supported to ...
Aktualisierte Diskussion 06 Juli 2015
Hi, I am trying to restore the VM image backup to alternate Location (Different ESX hosted in Differenet Vcenter server). While starting the restoration the Netbackup creates VM in target ESX server after that i am getting the below error in activity Job details. Then the created VM got deleted automatically and job gets failed. Activity Monitor Logs: 11/7/2013 10:53:01 AM - positioned ...
Aktualisierte Diskussion 06 Juli 2015
Hi everybody, Scenario would be that vCenter is lost and we want to recover a virtual machine. I know that alternate location restores are possible (different vCenter, different ESX...) but is it possible to restore a complete virtual machine without the vCenter that used to be? Is there any special procedure to follow? Environment is Netbackup 7.5, Traditional & Intelligent Policies, ...