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Application Note: Clustering configurations supported for VCS with vSphere

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Are you setting up Veritas Cluster Server in VMware vSphere?  Below is a technical guide to walk you through the process such as configuring Veritas Cluster Server clusters across ESX hosts and the compatibility of VCS with VMware HA.

Contents include:

Veritas Cluster Server setup for VMware vSphere
VCS cluster on a single ESX host
VCS cluster across ESX hosts
VCS cluster between physical and virtual machines
Disaster recovery setups with clustering configurations
VCS GCO (global cluster option) between physical and virtual machines for DR
VCS GCO between VCS clusters running in virtual machines
Supported vSphere versions and guest operating systems
Feature compatibility matrix for various shared storage configurations
Configuring VCS cluster within a single ESX host
Configuring VCS cluster across ESX hosts
Configuring DR with VCS running in virtual machines
Appendix A Coexistence of VMware HA with VCS in guest
Availability levels


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The latest version of the document is available here:

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