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Symantec VIP Update: Push for customer facing mobile applications

Announcing an update for Symantec VIP. Two-factor authentication is critical to protecting against vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, and Push verification makes it even easier.
Created: 29 Apr. 2014
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The latest release for Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) which continues to enhance the push verification technology has been made generally available to customers.

Feature Overview

Symantec’s new Internet Security Threat Report makes it clear that targeted attacks are still on the rise and that the risks of a data breach, even for smaller companies, is a reality.  Whether it’s a targeted attack, an infrastructure vulnerability that’s exploited by an attacker (such as Heartbleed), or simply the consequences of a lost or stolen credential, two-factor authentication is a necessity to protect your identity and by extension your online data from getting into the wrong hands.

In January we announced the release of push verification for VIP to protect logins on enterprise web applications using VIP Access for iOS and Android. With this release we have expanded the capabilities to support integration into custom web applications and transactional workflows beyond login using the VIP web services API. Symantec VIP helps protect online accounts by providing a credential to end users to augment a user name and password for safe and secure sign-in. 

Download our free VIP Access for Mobile app and try Push verification today!

Feature Details

When we introduced VIP Access Push we told you how much more convenient it is – you automatically receive a push verification to your registered mobile device upon sign-in, replacing the need for you to manually enter a security code – it’s just a push of a button.

With the new Web Services API, your organization can now make push verification available as an authentication option for your web applications using iOS and Android.  This allows organizations with customer facing mobile applications to provide more personalized, secure service.  Imagine your customer’s reaction when you tell them that they can now get the same strong authentication (Push uses out-of-band two-way challenge-response authentication based on a 2048-bit asymmetric key to securely and uniquely identify the device), with one-touch when they login to your banking, healthcare, or other mobile application.

Other enhancements in this release include:

  • Co-branding capabilities for applications that use Registered Computer, Intelligent Authentication, or Device Fingerprint
  • The ability for Registered Computer and Intelligent Authentication to obtain email addresses and phone numbers from the Self Service Portal so the user contact information at login is always current
  • Administrator enhancements to allow easier management of all credentials and reporting for SMS/Voice.

As a cloud offering, all the new features in Symantec VIP are available instantly to existing customers at no additional charge. To learn more about Symantec VIP, please visit the website or try free for 60 days.

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