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Top 25 Endpoint Management & Virtualization Community Videos

Created: 16 Dez. 2009 • Aktualisiert: 29 Juli 2010
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Here are the top 25 video posts in the Endpoint Management & Virtualization community (as of 15, Dec. 2009). I hope you find them useful and informative.

  1. Video: Altiris Patch Management
  2. Getting Started with Symantec Workspace Profiles
  3. Deployment Solution for Dell Servers Demo Videos
  4. Software Packaging and Delivery using Software Management Framework in Client Management Suite 7 and Server Management Suite 7
  5. Active Directory - Create User
  6. Client Management Suite 7 (CMS 7) Installation Demostration
  7. Power Management Features of Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0 from Symantec
  8. Software Patching and Updating using Patch Management Solution 7 in Client Management Suite 7
  9. Altiris Software Delivery Basics
  10. Installation and Configuration of Wise Package Studio 8
  11. Custom Form Validation in Workflow Solution
  12. MS7 - Learn how to Monitor MS SQL Server using custom SQL performance counters and custom SQL Query metrics using Altiris Monitor Solution 7
  13. Altiris Application Metering Basics
  14. Power Scheme Management in Client Management Suite 7/Server Management Suite 7
  15. System or Image Provisoning, OS Migrations, and Hardware Refreshes with Client Management Suite 7/Server Management Suite 7
  16. Client Management Suite 7 (CMS 7) Installation Demostration
  17. Altiris Deployment Solution Rip and Replace Demonstration
  18. Dell Client Manager Quickstart Video
  19. Software Discovery and Usage Metering using Software Management Solution in Client Management Suite 7
  20. Video: Altiris Patch Management
  21. Asset Discovery and Tracking using Inventory Solution to Discover Hardware Assests in Client Management Suite 7
  22. Video Workshop: Intel vPro Activation
  23. Video: Software License Management using Altiris Inventory and Software Delivery Solution
  24. Creating Custom Complex Data Types in Workflow Solution
  25. Virtualizing the dot Net Framework