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Client Tasks to Block/UnBlock IE10 on Windows 7

Created: 04 Feb. 2013 | 1 Kommentar
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Microsoft recently announced the release of a toolkit to disable the automatic delivery of IE10 to Windows 7 computers.  I have taken the provided scripts and created two client tasks (Task Server) - one that will create the registry key to block the install of IE10, and another one to delete the registry key and unblock the install of IE10.  They are contained in a folder named 'IE10' and can simply be imported into the Jobs and Tasks view.  Right click any folder and choose Import.  Then navigate to the XML file contained in the attached ZIP file.

For complete details on the IE10 Blocker Toolkit for Windows 7, click here:

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When I import the tasks I get an empty folder named ie10.  Any ideas?

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