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Dropbox, & Google Drive - Custom Inventories and Reports

Created: 06 Sept. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 21 Nov. 2012 | 4 Kommentare
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UPDATE 12.18.2012

A somewhat minor update, I have now added support for and Google Drive clients, same functionality as before (path, directory created date and the size of the directory). I have also taken the excellent advice offered previously and exported the data classes for each custom inventory so that the scripts do not need to be modified at all.

Many folks, including myself, are avid users of Dropbox for syncing my personal files between my computers and mobile devices. While it is definitely a great service, it is also a legitimate security concern with respect to corporate data being synced to "the cloud". In order to hopefully gain some insight into how prevalent Dropbox is in your environment, I have created a report and two scripts to run a custom inventory on both Mac and Windows Computers. The script essentially populates 3 custom data-classes; the Directory Path of dropbox, the Directory Size and the Last Modified date (which still needs a little bit of fine-tuning). Before getting right to it, here are a few caveats/instructions that need to be taken into account:

  1. Before running the script, please configure the custom data class first and update the Windows script (read on for more detail).
  2. The report, in its current form, has an OR filter applied to only display Windows and Mac systems that have reported Dropbox as being installed via a software inventory (thus requires that the machines be running inventory solution).
  3. Once imported, you MUST update the Windows script to the GUID of the Dropbox custom data class (edit the line that starts with "set objDCInstance = nse.AddDataClass"). You can get the GUID of the dataclass by going to Settings>All Settings, then Notification Server>Resource and Dataclass Settings>Data Classes>Inventory>Custom>Dropbox. Right-click and select properties to get the GUID.
  4. Double check after importing the Windows script that it is set to run as currently logged in user.
  5. Double check after importing the Mac script that it is set to run as the Symantec Management Agent
  6. The directory size is reported in bytes
  7. When creating the custom data class, please name it Dropbox and the attributes are: Directory_Path, Directory_Date, Directory_Size - ORDER DOES MATTER. Please see the attached screen shot (DB_Data_Class.PNG) for how the dataclass should be created.

Couple of planned enhancements are:

  1. Fine-tune the scripts (comments/requests are welcome)
  2. Add support for Linux (simple enough, just need some time)
  3. Add support for Mobile devices (only report on which devices have Dropbox installed) - if there is enough demand for it (requires SMM)

Of course feel free to send over any changes/fixes or requests as well.

The attached ZIP file should contain the following:

Data classes for Dropbox, & Google Drive (importable XML)

Scripts for Dropbox, & Google Drive - both Mac and Windows (importable XML)

Reports for Dropbox, & Google Drive (importable XML)

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das Bild der Nirmal Rs

Pretty Cool!

Enhancement request - it would be good to differentiate between what is shared and what is not shared. Possibly based on that we could have additional tasks to purge dated files that are not shared.

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das Bild der Dishwishys

Great suggestion - I'll investigate what it would take to pull that information and see how viable it is. 

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das Bild der KSchroeders

Also, you should be able to export the custom data class so people give have to manually create it. ns search should find it,under settings / notification server/ data classes (on my phone so not sure exact path).

Nice work!

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Excellent point, and upon doing some testing for a custom inventory rule I need to make some changes. I will role that up and post in a few days.

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