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2012 and 2010 CASO compatibility

Created: 11 Apr. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 03 Mai 2013 | 2 Kommentare
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I have a 2010 CASO running smoothly with many 2010 servers

If I setup a new 2012 in my environment, can I join this 2012 to the 2010 CASO?

for the new 2012 CASO, Is there any HA? or can I have a primary CASO and a secondary CASO so that the CASOs can be reboot when backup is running?

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das Bild der pkhs

A 2010 CASO cannot control a 2012 machine.  You would need to upgrade your CASO to BE 2012 before you can manage BE 2012 MMS. A BE 2012 CASO can control BE 2010 MMS for rolling upgrade purpose.

If I am not mistaken, you can only have 1 CASO.

das Bild der CraigVs can reboot your CASO while backups are running, but only if your catalogs are either replicated or localised. Once you centralise your catalogs, when the CASO dies, the MMS servers die.

I suppose you could install CASO on a cluster, but this only gives you physical HA...not application HA.

Maybe add this in as an Idea?


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