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Addition bulletins after montly SWU policy already created

Created: 15 Jan. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 16 Jan. 2013 | 3 Kommentare
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Hello there,

My name is Charlie. I have downloaded and revised 7 Microsoft Bulletins (MS13-001, MS13-002, MS13-004, MS13-005, MS13-006, MS13-007, and MSAF-005), 109 Updates (within many KBs). A "Patch Remediation for January 2013" software update policy also is created after that on 01/11/2013. Today 01/15/2013, I ran another Metadata PMImport again (used to run twice/month on 8th and 20th) and there is new bulletin, it is MS13-008.

Do I have to create another software update policy (maybe name it "Patch Remediation for January 2013 Revision") for deployment/distribution later? Or is there a way that I could incorporate MS13-008 into current-already-created "Patch Remediation for January 2013" software update policy?

Thank you very much for your support,


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das Bild der Roman Vassiljevs

Hi Charlie,

Unfortunately additional bulletins cannot be added to existing SWU policies in NS 7.x
So you need to create another SWU policy.


das Bild der Roman Vassiljevs

But you still may add additional software updates (if it is downloaded) to existing SWU policy:
- Open SWU Policy
- Click on Software Update
- Select new Software update(s) from the list and add it.
- Save SWU policy

Please see attached screenshot for details.



SWU Editing.jpg
das Bild der Charlie D Trans

Thanks very much, Roman. Both, create new SWU policy and add additional software updates to existing SWU policy work for me. I highly appreciate your prompt response.

Have good day,