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A Agent for Windows license is required for protecting remote servers with this edition of Backup Exec.

Created: 16 Jan. 2014 | 3 Kommentare

I'm running Backup Exec 2012

I have been backing up 4 servers with this product for months with no issues. I am only backing up the shared folders on said servers.

Now the three servers without agents are failing due to licensing failure....

What gives? I was under the impression I could back up shares on remote servers without an agent. It has been doing it successfully all this time.

Can someone please carify for me?

Thank you in advance.

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das Bild der pkhs

No. To backup any remote device/server you need either an AWS/RALUS license, regardless of whether you actually load the remote agent on the device/server. This includes shares on the device/server.

What probably happened in your case is that you are using the agents on trial. After 60 days, the trial expired and you are prompted for the agent license

das Bild der 203813s

thats fine......but why then has it been working all this time?

there aren't any agents installed on those other servers.

das Bild der Colin Weavers

As pkh has already said there is a 60day trial period that would have let you backup without the required license