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Backing up MS Cluster - Best Practices

Created: 02 März 2014 • Aktualisiert: 02 März 2014 | 3 Kommentare
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I have file server clusters to back up with BE 2012.  According to the Symantec article, the recommendation is to do incremental backups using modified time as opposed to using archive bit.  Can I do a differential instead?  I prefer diff's over incrementals.

Also is there a need to backup the file server service or can I just back up the two nodes?  Seems like a duplication of effort.


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You can use differential, just make sure you use modified time.

You can just back up the nodes.

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Actaully now that I've installed the agent on both nodes, the file server service has appeared in my list of servers.  It has the icon on it to indicate that it is a cluistered server.  Smart that BE has detected this, but it now I'll need to deted it, or it will always appear in my list as a server that has never been backed up.  What's the rationalefor this if you're mean to back up the nodes anyway?