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Backup Agent crash - VCS Problem

Created: 06 Aug. 2013 | 4 Kommentare

Hey everyone,

i have to restore a backup from a Mircrosoft Cluster to a normal Windows Server 2008 SP1 using Backup Exec 2012.

The agent crashes after a few minutes. I get the Message at the tray icon that the agent is working, but nothing else. 

BEREMOTE: [08/06/13 10:28:24] [4744]     VCS cluster keys do not appear to be present in the registry
BEREMOTE: [08/06/13 10:28:24] [4744]     Did not detect VCS cluster ()
BEREMOTE: [08/06/13 10:28:24] [4744]     "Cluster" key is not present in the registry
is this error/warning important for me?
The Attachment includes the logs from the Loggingtool.
any ideas?
best regards, 
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das Bild der Jaydeep Ss

I saw a few lines here about a database restore. Going by this the databases seem to be using a mount point

BEREMOTE: [08/05/13 16:10:56] [7464]     2013-08-05T16:10:56.543 [fsys\ntfs]          - User MAROXX\administrator before restoring encrypted object \\?\F:\Malta\XXXXXReplica.mdf
BEREMOTE: [08/05/13 16:10:56] [7464]     2013-08-05T16:10:56.543 [fsys\ntfs]          - User MAROXX\administrator for restoring encrypted object \\?\F:\Malta\XXXXXReplica.mdf
BEREMOTE: [08/05/13 16:10:56] [7464]     2013-08-05T16:10:56.546 [fsys\ntfs]          - User MAROXX\administrator after restoring encrypted object \\?\F:\Malta\XXXXXReplica.mdf
Originally where have they been placed? Also are you using redirection for this.

das Bild der Kunal.Mudliyars

Can you please upgrade your backup exec and remote agent on the nodes to be 2012 sp2

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das Bild der Colin Weavers

Just as a comment the debug log in backup exec often shown what look like errors when in reality they are a check that something exists which generates an error if it is not,, of course if the thing we are checking for is not installed then the error is actually the No answer to the query. This VCS comment is probably one of those sequcences and probably can be ignored as not being specific to your issue.