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Backup Exec 2010 R3 - backup is taking snapshots of Vmware servers not in selection list

Created: 20 Dez. 2012 | 3 Kommentare
das Bild der dgunners

I have two backup jobs using optimised deduplication of vmware servers using AVVI and a SAN. I'm running 2010 R3 with all the patches on a fully patches 2008 R2 server with 14GB of memory in a CASO setup. The VMware server is vSphere enterprise 5, fully patched.

One job takes 4-5 servers and backs them up and then optimised deduplication to a remote site. This runs once a day.

The second job is exactly the same but with just two servers with data that regularly changes. This runs every two hours.

The problem is with the second job. For some reason Backup Exec is ignoring just the servers in the VMware folder I want to backup and instead takes a snapshot of all the servers and then releases the snapshots and the job sits there waiting.

The only way out seems to be to crash the Backup engine multiple times until the job cancels or fails.

Has anyone else experienced this and if some come up with a solution?

Many thanks.

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das Bild der Colin Weavers

Check the text based view of what you have in the selection list

das Bild der Nitin_Ps

Hi Dgunner ,

It sounds like its taking those resources either from ' text based view ' . So , please check the same through ' view selection details ' .

If ' view selection details ' is does not contain those resources , it might lead to re create selection list again. 

Please update on the status of ' view selection details ' .