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Backup Exec 2010 for Small Business Server 2008 issue

Created: 20 März 2013 | 3 Kommentare

We just purchase a Dell R610 and have approx 43 GB of data that was backup to a RDX1000 Backup to Disk folder (USB)..

The only backup that was selected was the server itself, exhcnage and sharepoint.. total byte count of 47GB.. the job rate was 98MB/min and the time between the backup and verify (which did complete sucessfully, except for 33 files in use) took at TOTAL OF 8 hours and 13 mins?????

What in the world is causing it to be so slow?

Live update and patched the BUEXEC so there are no more update/hotfixes to apply..

It did seem like it was going good until the system state..

Any help would be great

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das Bild der pkhs

If you are not one BE 2010 R3 SP2 which is the latest version, I would suggest that you upgrade to it because there are quite a lot of fixes for system state problems. Your existing licence keys will work.  You can download BE 2010 R3 from either the fileconnect site or
After your upgrade, do not forget to run LiveUpdate a couple of time to update it to SP2 and the latest hotfixes.
After you have upgraded to R3, push out the remote agent again if you are backing up remote servers.
das Bild der VJwares

RDX1000 Backup to Disk folder (USB)

If using RDX cartridges, configure them as removable B2D & not the usual B2D.

Secondly, try splitting the backup jobs for different resources to isolate.

das Bild der Larry Fines

Small files are much slower to backup than large file due to all the directory access involved.  So if you backup has a lot of small files, it will be slower.  The system state also seems to be pretty slow.

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