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Backup Exec 2012 - Backup to Disk Performance

Created: 14 Nov. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 22 Dez. 2013 | 4 Kommentare
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i have an issue with BackupExec 2012.
I uninstalled BE2010 und installed BE2012 last Week on a Server. (HP DL380G7, 4GB RAM, 1GB/s). My customer reported me a bad Performance for disk backup over LAN. He also reports, a backup to disk with the prevous BE2010 Installation was much faster. Unfortunatelly he can't tell me, what "much" faster means. Old Backup HTML Reports are not available.

So i tried to analyse the Problem and copied per UNC Share 4 files à 1,5GB from a remote Server over LAN to my Backup Exec Server on Drive D:\ (where only my Backup to Disk Folder exists). I have got a throughput of 5.800MB/min. In my opinion a really good Gigabit Speed.

After that i created a Backup Job in Backup Exec 2012 on Disk. Same Files. Same Remote Server. Same Target (D:\).
Here i have got a throughput of 2100MB/min in the Job Summary.

My Customer asked me why and right now i don't have a good answer.
What happend here? Why is there so a big difference?

Maybe someone has a Solution, Idea or Explanation for that.
Many thanks!

Best regards


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das Bild der lmoslas

Make sure you have excluded the Backup Exec directory from any virus scan that might be running and verify that all of the Live Updates have been installed on the media server and remote servers.


das Bild der Treeemans

Hi Imosla,

thank you for your reply.
There ist no Anti Virus Scanning Software installed (on both Servers).
BE2012 Server (and Agents) are all up-to-date.

Any other ideas?

Best Regards

das Bild der lmoslas

Is Checkpoint Restart disabled?  

Is this a large job?  Try to break it up into smaller jobs to identify if there is any specific area the problem occurs. 

Also check Windows Events for any System or Application Errors.

das Bild der Treeemans


yes "Checkpoint Restart" ist disabled.

Customer purchased now (finally) a RAID Controller Write Cache and now, the Backup Speed ist fine.
I just don't understand, why a simple UNC Copy ist fast w/o Write Cache and Backup Exec not.

Thanks for your help and time.

Best Regards