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Backup Exec 2012 & Netapp CIFS shares

Created: 20 Sept. 2012 | 4 Kommentare

Hi everybody!

we´ve just installed our first Netapp FAS2240 with some CIFS shares, and now I want to backup one of this share with Backup Exec 2012 without NDMP.

Via Windows, I can access the share with the user which is used by BE. I also enabled the "Enable selection of user shares" in the BE options... Then I added the Netapp via the FQDN, but then when I want to browse the shares I get the following error:


In english, it means that there can´t be established a network connection to the server.

On the Netapp, NDMP is off...

Any suggestions?



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- Netapp Device should be added to the list of servers with FQDN or IP address. Please check  

-   a. Change the port number of RAWS on media server. i.e, In C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\services file, add an entry like below and check selection.  
       NDMP                   12000/tcp                  #BE remote agent   
    b. Turn off NDMP from Netapp Device.

-   a. Make sure you have at least One Agent for Windows license installed. To backup CIFS shares BE need at least one Remote agent license installed. (ref :

    b. Once you create jobs by doing above steps and if the backup fails with the given error, make sure you follow the article to disable network team first and check whether backup works. If not disable TCP Offload Chimney feature. Then run backup.

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with the port change, backup of the shares is possible - many thanks!

But I get the message, that the Remote Agent isn´t installed on remote server. Can I disable this error message in the logfile?



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Unfortunately, cannot suppress this exception...This would occur as there is no actual remote agent installed.