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Backup Exec v11d - Email Notifications Alert Options

Created: 05 März 2010 • Aktualisiert: 21 Mai 2010 | 2 Kommentare
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Hello Everyone,

I have a general question regarding email notifications in Backup Exec.  Im trying to figure out a way to only send out an email notifcation if and when a job fails during my daily diffs being backed up as well as my weekend full backups.  trying to limit alerts on a daily basis with all other alerts our team receieves each day.  So that my team is only alerted when a job fails versus sending out success emails.  All jobs currently are sending multiple alerts for the following.  "Success, Failed, Execeptions, and a few others" the jobs were created sometime ago prior to my new role as a backup admin.

Hope someone can clarify and give me a hand if possible its greatly appreciated for less email on certain things would make everyones day a little easier im sure we all get bombarded with alerts here and there.

Thanks All!!

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das Bild der BEsymcs

Please go to tools-> alerts. ...   and here you can choose which notfications would you like to send for which alerts. After doing this, remove the notification from specific jobs and the notifications will be sent only when specific alerts like , "job failure" come and not after all completion of jobs, irrespective of status.

Please mark it a solution, if this is usefu.