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Backup sets jumping around

Created: 10 Dez. 2013 | 3 Kommentare

Hi Guys, I have this problem where I am attempting to select a number of backup sets from my dedupe store to run a duplicate backup to tape.

BUT... one backup set appears then disappears, then appears then disapears. This means I cant select any backup sets for less then a second as it becomes deselected almost immediately. Sometimes if I make sure the interface is not maximised it works for a while but not ever time.

I've seen suggestions to go the the server itself and select the backup set from there but its just not feisable timewise.

Any suggestions?


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das Bild der lmoslas

Hello, this appears to be fixed with SP3 see here:  SP3 can be installed through Live Updates and then pushed out to your remote servers.

das Bild der Caliss

Hi Imosla, Thanks for the article but my issue is related to backup sets not devices.

I have SP3 installed already.


das Bild der Caliss

Futher to inital problem it seems to be triggered by scrolling through the backup sets particularlry when scrolling fast. A random backup set will start to appear and disapear.