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Backup Solution

Created: 11 Mai 2012 • Aktualisiert: 18 März 2013 | 7 Kommentare
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I have to backup following system:

Installation on one server:

- Hyper V Core installation with to VM's (Windows 2011 SBS + Windows 2008 R2)

what is the best solution to backup the to vm's and also the Applications (like exchange 2010)

thanke you for your answers

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If you want to backup Exchange, or any other application, you need the applicable application agent. This will allow you to backup/restore it.

For the VM, if you're able to do full backups (for DR purposes for example), then do so. Install the RAWS agent on each server you want to do GRT restores from, and you're good-to-go.

Read the link below for further information:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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thank you for your answer.

another question: I will also buy backup exec for sbs (install it on the sbs server) and then the necessary agents?

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depending on which country you are in you can go direct to Symantec or via an agent to purchase.

I would suggest looking at this artical, if you can mark as Solution if you find this appropiate.

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I would suggest purchasing per server. so if you have 10 servers get 10 licenses,

For instance we use sql, sharepoint, exchange etc and i purchased a license for each machine.

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...that's how licensing works anyway. But 10 different keys is going to become a problem if you have 10 different SQL servers, 10 different Exchange servers, 5 media servers, 25 RAWS licenses've already got 50 different license keys as things stand in the example above.

1 license key for 10 servers is fine, makes management of licenses easier, and makes renewal easier too!

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Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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You would need to have another machine as your media server.  You cannot install BE on a Server 2008 Core machine and you should not install it in a VM because Symantec does not support pass-thru.

Even with another machine, you can buy a BE SBS licence because the BE 2012 licence rules allows you to backup up to 3 servers with this SBS licence.  See the licencing guide below

2012 Portfolio Licensing Guide