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backupexec 2012 and exchange 2010

Created: 18 Okt. 2012 | 7 Kommentare

I have a new installation of  backupexec 2012 on a 2008r2 server with exchange 2010.  I installed the server agent but when I attempt to create a backup exchange is not in the list of to be selected.  What am I missing the have exchange 2010 so up and get backed up with the server?

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das Bild der AmolBs

You don't see the Exchange resources or you don't see the entire Exchange Server (C drive,

System state)? Have you install Exchange Management tools on the BE media server?

Refer to Exchange Agent requirements

das Bild der Eric Elliss

Correct when you look in the list c, d, system state, exchange is not listed.  They only have one server and everything including backupexec run off of this single server.

das Bild der AmolBs

Could you post a screenshot of the selection list.

das Bild der AmolBs

Have you installed Exchange Management tools on the media server.

EDIT: From your previous post I am assuming your  Backup Exec and Exchange are running on the

same server.

das Bild der Eric Elliss

yes everything is running on the same server.  There is no seperate media server. Yes the management tools are installed.

das Bild der Christiaan Odendaals

Run the Backup exec support tool and check the exchange permissions.