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BackupExec2012. Install failed with error code -2146232576

Created: 24 Jan. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 25 Jan. 2013 | 6 Kommentare
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I'm trying to install agent from Server 2008 R2 sp1 64 bit to a remote Server 2012 64bit (with installed .Net 4.5). It fails with error code -2146232576.

What it means? How can be fixed?

For me it seems to be incompatible. McAfee VirusScan is disabled, No firewall, Users has admin rights.



Ready to install the Agent for Windows.
Install failed with error code -2146232576.  Right click on the computer to view logs for more information.
Final error: 0x80131700 - 0x80131700 (2148734720)
Final error category: Other Errors
Completed status: Failed

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das Bild der ZeRoC00Ls

Server 2012 is not yet supported.

You will have to wait untill an updated version of BE 2012 will be released that supports Server 2012.
There is not eta for this, but the beta is expected end Q1.

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das Bild der pl2r07@gmail.coms

Can we backup a share using BE2012? Say open a network browser and check mark whats we need to backup.


das Bild der Backup_Execs


You can try doing a share backup ,it might work too but still in that case it would be unsupported configuration. 

Would recommend to subscribe to this KB -

This way when Symantec officially support it you would be notified.

Also please check the below blog by Swathi which put some light on beta version supporting win2012 etc.

Hope that helps



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das Bild der pl2r07@gmail.coms


Though I should say it is a very sad situation: BE2012 doesn't support Server2012, GUI is the worst what I've seen in BE. I don't think Symantec really cares about loyal to company IT pros.