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Backuping affiliates server's data

Created: 14 Sept. 2012 | 1 Kommentar


In my job we have 400 affiliates, and we use backup exec to backup all data in servers located in that affiliates (local DLT drives).

I'm looking for any tool to backup affiliates server's data over our data links , storing server's data in our headquartes (Netbackup).

Is there any tool to do this task ?


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Best to talk to a Symantec reseller for assesment of your environment and suggest best possible solution.

NetBackup Deduplication at a central datacenter is ideal to backup WAN clients.
Client-side deduplication can be used to minimize the amount of data that is sent over the WAN link.

Further improvements can be see with Backup Accelerator in NBU 7.5.

Some reading matter:


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