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Backups of a Mac OS X 10.5 client failing with "system error occurred(130)"

Created: 10 Feb. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 17 Feb. 2013 | 17 Kommentare
Dieses Problem wurde gelöst. Siehe Lösung.
Excerpts from activity monitor deatiled status:
02/10/2013 09:03:24 - begin writing
02/10/2013 09:23:15 - Critical bpbrm (pid=24883) from FTL - terminated by signal 10
02/10/2013 09:23:15 - Info bpbrm (pid=24839) sending message to media manager: STOP BACKUP smcnp71101.advancemags.com_1360504792
02/10/2013 09:31:35 - Error bptm (pid=24869) get_string() failed, Input/output error (5), premature end of file encountered
02/10/2013 09:31:36 - Info bpbrm (pid=24839) media manager for backup id XXXXXX@yyy.com_1360504792 exited with status 42: network read failed
02/10/2013 09:31:36 - end writing; write time: 0:28:12
system error occurred  (130)
Please help me troubleshooting this issue.

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das Bild der RamNagallas

02/10/2013 09:31:35 - Error bptm (pid=24869) get_string() failed, Input/output error (5), premature end of file encountered

did you see the other clients backup that are running fine to the same Tape Drive ?

did you try taking backup to basic disk?

Please post the bpbrm, bptm and bpbkar logs.

das Bild der Dyneshias

Has this worked before or is this a new configuration ?

das Bild der Bharath Achars

HI Dyneshia,

This is a new configuration.

Backups are being failed since its inception.

Hello Nagalla,

I dont have acces to client. I have attached bpbrm and bptm logs from master.

Please let me know if you require any other information.

bpbrm_log.021013.txt 142.16 KB
bptm_log.021013.txt 3.13 MB
das Bild der RamNagallas

please let us know your netbackup master/media and client versions..

did you check the compatablity, i just want to make sure that.. 

das Bild der Bharath Achars


Backup is running fine for rest of clients on that tape drive.

My management wants us to take bacup only on to tape.



das Bild der Bharath Achars


Master :

Media  :

Client  : 7.5

Please let me know if this works.

das Bild der RamNagallas

thats the place.

Netbackup 7.5 does not support Mac 10.5.

NBU 7.5 supports only from Mac 10.6

NBU is the last version that supports MAC 10.5

please check that in sort for more info

you would need to upgrade your MAC OS to minimum 10.6 

das Bild der RamNagallas


below is the OS compatability list, check in page 9

and from the SORT,

you can see this from "Installation and Upgrade check list"

just your for Netbackup enterprise server for your Operation system.

das Bild der Bharath Achars

Hi Nagalla,

" you would need to upgrade your MAC OS to minimum 10.6 "

Please confirm that MAC OS x 10.6 and NBU client 7.5 are compatible or not ?????

das Bild der RamNagallas

it is compatable, that is what i find from sort.. even from the compatablity list.. 

das Bild der Bharath Achars

Our client PC is runnig on MAC OS X 10.6.8 with NBU client is installed on it.

But still backups are failing. Please help me to troubleshoot this.



das Bild der Dyneshias

Did you upload the bptm and bpbrm from the media server used to backup the Mac cleint ?  I tried to pid it out from the info in your job detail stataus and was not able to find any inofrmation.  I did see errors regarding an exchange backup but Im sure that is a differnet client.

Are you able to to the client in the client host properties ?  What OS is your Master and MEdia server ?

das Bild der RamNagallas

agreed with Dyneshia,

please post the details status of the failed job, and related bptm and bpbrm logs, having bpbrm and bpcd log from client also could help.

das Bild der Bharath Achars

This issue has been addressed by upgrading client to ; as this was a bug of 7.5 since it does not support check points enable.

Thanks everyone



das Bild der Mariannes

Seems you never mentioned check points at any point in this thread?

It normally helps to mention all relevant info....

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