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bemcmd return value: 0

Created: 20 März 2013 • Aktualisiert: 20 März 2013 | 6 Kommentare

Is there a way to see why bemcmd fails to stop and start backup services?

I have a scheduled task where I stop and then start services using

Bemcmd  -o503 & Bemcmd  -o502

Operating Systems:

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das Bild der pkhs

You got to check the Windows eventlog to see what is happening to the services.

Why do you need to stop and start the BE services on a regular basis?  There should be no reason to do so.

das Bild der net_techs

I am using USB drives as my backup media and 10% of the time my B2D device goes offline when USB drive is swapped. I can either manually force the device online, or simply restart services which seems to be a common practice

das Bild der net_techs

Nothing gets logged to windows event viewer when I execute Bemcmd -o503

das Bild der pkhs

Are you using BE 2010 R2 or R3?  If so, BE would be notified when the USB drive is plugged into the media server and it would be made online automatically.  If you are not, then I would suggest that you upgrade to BE 2010 R3 which is the latest version. Your existing licence keys will work.  You can download BE 2010 R3 from either the fileconnect site or
After your upgrade, do not forget to run LiveUpdate a couple of time to update it to SP2 and the latest hotfixes.
After you have upgraded to R3, push out the remote agent again.
You don't have to restart the BE services to make the disk online.  You can just do an inventory on the device.
das Bild der net_techs

I am using BE 2010 R3 with SP2 and all hotfixes and you CAN NOT inventory an offline device.

das Bild der pkhs

you CAN NOT inventory an offline device

You cannot right-click on an offline device and select inventory, BUT you can schedule an inventory job beforehand.