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bpexpdate and cleanup

Created: 12 Juli 2013 • Aktualisiert: 12 Juli 2013 | 2 Kommentare
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Master - Solaris NBU

Media - Red Hat Linux


Question:  after using bpexpdate to expire images

what do I type next to remove those deleted images from my data domain? because i don't see a change in more free space :0(

I know it's something like >./bpexpdate -m <mediaid> -force and also >./bpimage -cleanup -allclients

but how do i get the media id portion information to input in the command line? 

Thanks again for your help!

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das Bild der RamNagallas

once images has been expired form the netbackup with bpexpdate command.

data domain needs to run the file system clean to reclime the space., generally its scheudle and run as per the schedule ,, if you want to get it done immediatly run the cleaning manually.

filesys show space   --> to see the avaliable space in DD

filesys clean start -->  to start the cleaning in DD

filesys clean watch  --> to see the cleaning status.

once the cleaning process has been compleated you can see the increase in avaliable space.

do remember excessive cleanig on DD is not recommented.

das Bild der JohnnyBgoods

Thanks again Nagalla!  Have a good weekend!