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Can EV archive without impacting Exchange?

Created: 03 Feb. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 01 März 2013 | 1 Kommentar
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This customer is replacing Mimosa Nearpoint with EV 10. Nearpoint works by getting a copy of the transaction logs and recreating it's own copy of the Exchange database, but it doesn't delete things the users have deleted. Basicsally it creates a compliance copy of Exchange. The customer is trying to replicate this with EV 10. Is similar behavior possible with Mailbox policies? They don't want to use stubbing or have to load the Outlook add in. Basically users shouldn't really be aware that archiving is going on. Would journaling be a better option?

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Yes, it sounds like you should just enable journaling.  With mailbox only archiving there is a chance items are deleted from the mailbox before they could be archived.

If they don't want to enable journaling then you could create an archive policy that did not delete the original or created or a shortcut, just realize that there is a chance you don't catch everything.  In my opinion journaling is the way to go.