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Can Netbackup stop/start VM's before and after a backup?

Created: 16 Mai 2013 | 4 Kommentare


I have been trying to find this information and I'm hoping someone here can help.  I was told that Netbackup does not allow administrators to run scripts either before or after a backup.  The problem we are running into is our Netbackup connects to vCenter to backup our virtual servers.  If a full VMDK backup is taken while the server is online when we try to restore the VM to a new virtual server we are greeted with the Windows improper shut down screen before the actual OS boots.  Is there a way to have NetBackup connect to vCenter, shut down the VM guest that will be backed up and once the backup is complete bring the guest back online?  Thanks in advance...

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das Bild der Yasuhisa Ishikawas

Unfortunately no such feature in NetBackup.
If you really need to shutdown VM before backups, only way I can think is to write and use a script that shutdown VM using VIX API or so then initiate backup using bpbackup command. Please note that by this way you can not initiate VM backups from NetBackup's scheduler. You need to initiate this script from any other scheduler or manually initiate in command prompt.

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das Bild der Rusty Majors

You can use the backup_start_notify and backup_exit_notify scripts located in /usr/openv/netbackup/bin to run commands, etc, when backups start and complete. If you can get this to interface with vCenter to do what you are looking for, then that might solve your problem. I would be more concerned with being able to control shutting down the correct VM based on the policy.

Regardless of this possible solution, the error you are getting doesn't sound like it should be happening. I would investigate why you are getting those errors and see if you can resolve that problem.

das Bild der Yasuhisa Ishikawas

Hi Rusty,

If you mean bpstart_notify and bpend_notify, i couldn't agree with you as bpstart_notify is executed after taking VM snapshot. it is executed when bpbkar is raised for reading vmdk. I have confirmed this with NetBackup

parent_start_notify is executed when snapshot jobs start, whereas, parent_end_notify is not executed. You can use bpend_notify instead, but its execution is delayed til end of all VM backup jobs, so VM will be stoped for long time. I think this is not so good.

BTW, greeting of improper shut down screen is normal as OS is logged as online in its disks even if VSS ensures quiescence of disk I/Os. Never mind this screen.

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das Bild der SPB_Infrastructure_Staffs

Thanks to everyone on their input.  Thanks for the extra information Yasuhisa :D  My staff and I were worried we would restore one day and the VM would not properly function.