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can not ping the SWG 8450 and open the web console

Created: 29 Aug. 2013 | 4 Kommentare
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We can not ping the SWG 8450 and open the web console.

I luses the admin admin1! ogin to the pre-config console.I found the /dev/sda3 free disk space available is 0.

How can I solve it?

Thanks a lot.

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It's difficult to say how to solve it without knowing where all the disk space went tbh.

My highest recommendation is to log a case with Symantec.  If you're lucky, they may still be able to access it remotely.

If not, you're likely looking at a rebuild crying

das Bild der SMLatCSTs

When I say "where all the disk space has gone" I mean "what files has it been used for?".  That is to say, if it's been used for packet captures, if the DB has somehow grown massively, if you have some sort of debug logging enabled.  That sort of thing...

Like I say, I'd highly recommend you log a case with support to investigate this.