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Can we read a Backup Exec tape without BE?

Created: 17 Aug. 2014 • Aktualisiert: 20 Aug. 2014 | 3 Kommentare
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My customer asked a question: can we read a tape written by Backup Exec 2014 without deploying BE Server? They want a lightweight solution (a small windows utility) that allow them to list contents and restore files from BE tapes. They want to be able to do it without installing and configuring BE server. Is it possible?

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das Bild der pkhs

No.  This is not possible.

das Bild der hdablins

Is any workaround available? Can we use mt or tar to do it?

Please, sorry for my poor English. It's not my native language.

das Bild der pkhs

No.  BE uses the Microsoft Tape Format to write the tape, but it is the way the data is written that is the difficult part.  Imagine you are trying to decipher the contents of a .XLS file without Excel.