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Can you restore individual mailbox's in EV from netbackup

Created: 12 Sept. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 10 Okt. 2012 | 4 Kommentare
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We have EV 9  and NetBackup 7.1 

it seems like even with Netbackup EV policy type you cannot backup and restore individual Mailboxes like you can do with exchange (granular recovery). 

it interesting that both product are from Symantec and in general NetBackup has good integration with most big Enterprise solutions

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das Bild der RahulGs

Do you mean to restore individual archives ? If yes, then its true that you cannot restore indivdual archives   and the only way to restore is to perform a disaster recovery of the your ev site and you would need to create an identical test setup as your prodution server. At the moment there is no backup application which can perform a GRT restore of enterprise vault , and it is because Ev works that way .

Ideally its recommeded to export the archive to pst before you delete it from EV.

das Bild der Efi Gs

Thats a drawback from the product that if a user deletes his Archived Email the only way to restore is to restore the full datastore and database and call support ask them for help to recover the lost Email.

Do you know if the Symanetc is working on a tool that could make this process easier?

das Bild der JesusWept3s

well for users that are deleting individual items, you have the EV dumpster that you can set to two weeks, the same as exchange dumpster, and retrieve the items from there

das Bild der RahulGs

As suggested By JesusWept3 you restore individual item using Ev Dumpster . refer

But using Ev dumpster you can just restore the individual item and not the compelete archive ,It would be a good option to have some tool through which we can perform a GRT backup of the archive
( in the background backs up the savesets as well the SQl enteries for that archive).

I personally  feel the idea would not get much Vote because user can siply export the archive to PST file.