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Can't browse connect on android device

Created: 22 Juni 2012 • Aktualisiert: 23 Juni 2012 | 2 Kommentare

Something has recently changed on the connect site. I am no longer able to browse connect on my android phones (previous - droid2, now a droid4 - both running gingerbread). i've tried with the stock browser and dolphin with the same results - just a spinning circle on a gray background.  

This is rather annoying as i used to read and post lots of material during my long, boring bus commute every day.  i can no longer do so, and am forced to play angry birds instead.  ;)

is anyone else having this problem?  i tried searching but didn't see anything relevant.

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das Bild der Zac Hs

As another datapoint, it seems to work fine on my SGS2 (running ICS) with Dolphin browser.  In fact, I never knew they had a sweet mobile site.  Neat.

das Bild der Gibson99s

So i just tried again on my droid4 and it's working fine. This new mobile site does look a lot better, and is more touch friendly (outside the login page anyway). I guess i managed to catch them while they were rolling out and testing this new site for mobiles.

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