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Catalog and retention problems

Created: 13 Nov. 2013

Having further issues with Backup Exec after a relatively good period without problems. A large amount of our backup sets on various B2D drives have all suddenly had their expiry date set a year into the future, we can't find any way to amend the date, and we can't exactly just delete the affected sets.

This means our B2D drives are RAPIDLY running out of storage, as BE won't delete and overwrite the sets as it should. I thought it was initally a problem with maybe the catalogs being corrupted, but whenever i try to inventory and catalog a B2D folder, the jobs fail with something like:

Error - "0xe00084b7 - A backup set was created which contains no data." received while running a catalog job.

Compressed ARCSERVE set.

None of our sets have EVER been made with arcserve, so i don't know where BE is pulling this from. What do we need to do to fix this?

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