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Citrix XenServer + Backup Exec 2012 - Ultrium 3000 SAS Guest OS Pass-Through

Created: 06 Aug. 2013 | 3 Kommentare

I researched this current issue approximately two years ago, and with advances in technology (and new software iterations) I'm hoping my 2nd attempt is more sucessful.

We currently employee HP Ultrium 3000 SAS Backup Tape Device (LTO5) and use Backup Exec 2012 on our current File & Print Server, we (like most companies) are looking to explore Virtualization options and have a brand-new XenServer Server awaiting Deployment - my hopes and dreams is to have the XenServer Hypervisor (Host) running a Windows Server 2008 R2 Guest OS (the File & Print Server) and be able to install and run Backup Exec 2012 as we would as a standalone piece of software on the Guest, but obviously backing up to the HP Ultrium 3000 SAS Tape Drive which is connected through XenServer.

I believe with the new XenServer 6.2, it has allowed many new Pass-Through options and wondering if this is no longer a dream but a possibility? Has anyone achieve something similar and can shed any light on the above?



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das Bild der CraigVs

ESX also had SCSI pass-through, but this was removed in 5.1 I believe. I've worked with SCSI pass-through on VMware. Works like an absolute charm...until it breaks!

The environments in question had 2 ESX hosts using another backup application to replicate the running VMs on each to the other. 1 of these VMs was a backup server running BE 2010 R3 with an HP StorageWorks MSL2024 G3 LTO4 tape library attached.

Backups ran as well, and as fast, as a physical server...but the ESX host would randomly lose connection to the tape library, causing this to drop out of Windows on the media server, and consequently fail jobs. After hours of troubleshooting, it took a reboot of the host and a rediscovery of the SCSI devices before reimporting into the media VM and restarting all the running VMs.

If they fixed issues like this, then having a virtual media server would be ideal!!!

That said, if you have a physical management server, make that the backup server.


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das Bild der tkt_jackfs

Thanks so much for the prompt reply Craig, it seems (from the reading I've been doing over the last few days to date), that it is still 'ahead' of its time to be a practical 'production level' ready solution.

As I'm sure you are aware, any company employing a File & Print Server needs to ensure it is 100% operational and the back-ups are being run concurrently without issue - I think I may need to bite the bullet and build the new File & Print server as an actual physical server (no Virtualization, actual W2K8 R2 running on base) and hold off until we can get a Proof-of-Concept machine built.



das Bild der Kunal.Mudliyars

How about keeping the BE on a Physical sever and Virtualizing your File server?

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