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Client unable to reach Recovery Solution from single client

Created: 25 März 2009 • Aktualisiert: 21 Mai 2010 | 2 Kommentare
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I have a Server 2008 x64 machine with the RS Agent on it connecting to RS 6.2 SP1 via HTTPS.  This had been working fine for some time, and then all of a sudden (?) stopped working.  The message I get is:

Altiris Recovery Agent
The Recovery Solution Server is currently offline or unreachable. To perform this task, your computer must be connected to the network that hosts your Altiris Recovery Solution account.

Please contact your Recovery Solution administrator.

From this same client machine, I can navigate to https://crsbox/altiris/console just fine, no errors.  The SSL certificate server-side is valid and trusted by the client.  I have many other clients (a couple Vista x64, mostly 2003 x86/x64) reporting and snapshotting just fine.

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I uninstalled via the RS Uninstall Task, rebooted, and then installed via the RS Install Task and rebooted again.

When the client is attempting to register, I receive a message about not being able to register because the RS server is unavailable.  I checked netstat, and it is only attempting to make HTTP (port 80) connections, no HTTPS (port 443) connections.  My Cluster is set up to only accept HTTPS connections via port 443.

My usrcfg.xml looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?><AgentSettings><RemoteSettings><TransportSettings><TransportType>HTTPS</TransportType></TransportSettings><HiddenTransportSettings><BindingSecurePort>443</BindingSecurePort><BindingPort>80</BindingPort></HiddenTransportSettings></RemoteSettings></AgentSettings>

Any ideas on what I may be missing here?

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See the following KB:

Try running the install as AgentSetup.exe /Server:yourserver;https;443 /Comp:computername

Symantec Trusted Advisor

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