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CMDB Rule for Software Product Association

Created: 19 Okt. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 19 Okt. 2012 | 1 Kommentar


I'm currently trying to setup Software Licenses in 7.1 for Operation System counts. In 6.5 you could easily search for an OS name but in 7.1 you have to search for a software product. My first method works but requires a targeted inventory policy to run on each machine and determine the OS. This works and I'm able to see counts for each OS. I was wondering if this could possibly be done with a CMDB rule which would eliminate the need for a policy. Basically I'm wondering If I can create a rule to look for all Windows 7 machines (this part is no problem) and assosiate them with the Windows 7 software product (this part I can't seem to find). The only thing I see that looked like it might work was assosiating the machine to the Default Package Policy > Inventory Rule. The rule ran for my test machine but it's not showing up as "installed" in the product. Any ideas?


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Could you use a CMDB rule to populate the Non-Inventory Install on a Software Contract?  I think those entries are counted at installs in a compliance report.