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Converting physical volumes to vhd files using Symantec Backup Exec

Created: 09 Apr. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 10 Apr. 2013 | 4 Kommentare
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To whom can assist:

I am interested in creating a DRP environment consisting of VM's for my physical volumes currently in production.  I would like to know if the latest Backup Exec version supports the feature of converting physical volumes to VHD files.  

Please note, I would also like to know if this can be done dynamically without impacting production...also we are using EFI firmware (these are raid disks) with GPT volumes.

Operating Systems:

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BE 2012 is capable of doing a B2V conversion.  You can backup a physical machine and then convert it either immediately or later to a VM.  The necessary drivers will be installed which will take care of the EFI firmware.

To convert individual volumes, you can restore and and re-direct them to VHD's.  See below

BE 2012 - restore where.png

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Hey pkh & VJware,  thanks for answering my questions.  To add to VJware's response, please review my above attached screenshot.  I am curious if the first part of the volume is GPT (only 100 MB IBM partition) and the second part is a standard MBR NTFS volume, can I least get the C:\ drive backed up and converted to a VM?

das Bild der VJwares

I think it should be OK. If you can confirm via Disk View if the disk itself shows as MBR, then it should be OK.

You may confirm using this KB -