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Cross domain restore

Created: 28 März 2013 • Aktualisiert: 21 Apr. 2013 | 3 Kommentare
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Hi techies,

I got a request to perform a cross doamin restore where the NDMP backup has taken in X domain running in 6.5.6 UNIX . And the taget site Y domain is running in Master server OS UNIX.

My query here is

1 ) Shall we perform cross domain restore for NDMP backup ?

2) Shall we perform cross domain restore for different NBU version ?

3) If so Please advise the steps to perform the activity.

Operating Systems:

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Please tell us more about for plan and configuration.

If X domain's master can reach to destination NDMP host, just add it in X domain's NDMP host and initiate restore in X domain. Otherwise, if X domain's master can not talk to destination NDMP host, you need to import from tapes brought into Y domain.

Be sure both source and destination NDMP host must be same vendor. NDMP backup is not portable across vendors - NDMP backup on NetApp can not be restored to EMC for example. 

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Cross domain restore goes same with NDMP as with any other restore.As Yasuhisa mentioned , easy way is to add the destination NDMP host to original domain X and perform restore.Since there is no agent installed on NDMP host , NBU version does not matter but source and destination filer must be from same vendor .

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Guys Thank you for the initial info..Let me check whether the source and destination are from same vendor and update you.


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