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Data from Data type not reflecting in Reports - Service Desk 7

Created: 04 Dez. 2012 | 2 Kommentare
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I have created a using Report Builder in Service Desk 7. However, for some tickets in the report data contents in Location Field of Incident Management Data Type are not reflecting. I have verified and confirmed that location field is added in the ticket. However, it is not available in the report.

I tried to use any other alternative for Location column from other Data Type but no luck.

Till the issue is identified only for Location field (there may be any other field also affected, however, I have not come across to any other).

Any suggestions / advise / guidance on what to check would be great.



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das Bild der toomass

Will the steps in this KB do the trick for you?

HOWTO54082 How to display Location in the reports

das Bild der snm1502s

Hi Toomas,

Thanks for the reply.

As per the solution, it queries the Location to be NOT NULL. If I follow this records with Blank Location will be removed from the report which certainly reduce the data in turn affecting the quality of the report.

Is there something else we could check / update / modify that would bring in the Location details to the reports.

To reconfirm, these records (tickets) with blank location in reports have a location updated in the ticket. It is just not reflecting the reports from data type.