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Deduplications Storage Folder - RAID 5 vs RAID 10

Created: 28 Feb. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 30 Sept. 2013 | 5 Kommentare
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After the first full backup run to a dedup store, is read speed then more important than write speed for deduplication?
In that case, would RAID 5 perform better than RAID 10 since it provides better read speeds?

My storage is Dell MD1000 DAS with 10x SATA 2TB 7.2K connected via SAS-cable to a PERC6/E in a Dell R710.

Also, does anyone have recommendations on whate Stripe Element Size to set? 64k stripe and 64k NTFS cluster?

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Quoting from the Best Practices

Disable RAID caching on the disk where the deduplication storage folder is located.

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I now have the following set (PERC6/E defaults):
Read Policy: No Read Ahead
Write Polciy: Write Back
Disk Cache Policy: Enabled

Should I change this to:
Read Policy: No Read Ahead
Write Polciy: Write Through
Disk Cache Policy: Disabled

Is this to better the performance or for stability reasons?

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...enabling Write Through means you're hitting disk, and not going through cache. It might be a bit faster, but you would lose the ability to retain data in cache should you have power loss for example.

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OK, but if I set Disk Cache Policy to disabled, recommended best practise, does it then matter if Write Through or Write Back is configured?

Disabling Disk Cache would force Write Through?

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...that's something you will have to check, and come to a compromise between best practice and performance, and data protection in the event of a power failure etc.

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