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Detecting Credit Card Number

Created: 04 Dez. 2012 | 10 Kommentare
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Hi everyone ..

 I am facing some issues because DLP generates a Printing with Credit Card number(CCN) incidents on some files which is does not contain any CCN (for example , in excel file we have number 8 in cell and 15 numbers in different cell so DLP combines them together as 16 digits start with 8 and count it as a CCN )... so , please can anyone tell me what is the problem?

the other question is : should I relay on the exist known CCN ready-to-use policies as Card Industry Data security standards or it is better to make new policy build using the match method ( matching means : catch any if match  **************** , Credit*Card , etc )

note: new with the DLP

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first, if you can share with us your policy, it will be easier to analayze it and give you some advice. (regexp, keywords,.....)

Second, if you want to protect CCN of your company (or anyother case where you can have a full list) exact data match will be more efficient. Build a full EDM with CCN you want to protect and add it to your policy. 


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Hi JMZ , It is DCM Describe Content Matching technlogy of detection the data/information . For your above requrement Symantec DLP having inbuild data indenfier for detection of Card Data protection template. You can also detect customize a/c no or any no with defining regeular expresiion for the same.It has 40+ prebuild data indentified.

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hi ZMZ,
The wide breadth Credit Card Number system data identifier detects valid credit
card numbers that are separated by spaces, dashes, periods, or without separators.
This validator includes formats for American Express, Diner's Club, Discover,
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), MasterCard, and Visa.
This validator performs Luhn check validation.
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There is a class of 15 digit credit card numbers.  It has been discontinued in practice for years, but the I think the definition is still in the default policies and in the Credit Card DI.

The Credit Card DI is much more than a regex match.  It also throws out know test numbers and performs a Luhn check on the numbers.


John G. Thompson

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Why don't You contact the company officials for better support. Thye are quite aware of the problems that usually arise and have fine experience with solving them too.

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