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Difference in Backup Exec and NetBackup backup selections

Created: 02 Feb. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 28 März 2013 | 2 Kommentare
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Sorry folks... returned very quick right after one question......

i love backup exec... because of it's simplicity and usability,, and now starting to make affair with NBU... because of it intellgency.. but now i think BE was good over NBU..

reason :::: BE's simplicity and usability

recently we are in expansion phase , BE would protect remote servers (locally). and centrally NBU would protect core apps on open source and windows etc

for file server and domino and exchange  (migration in phase). we use symantec ev 9.0.2 (ev+ sql seperate)

backup exec gives simple GUI and navigation to select EV in single policy

NBU needed more than 2 policy just to protect EV (admin guide says)

was surprising , but couldn't get justified details on why this much difference

ne idea!!!!!

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You are right Backup Exec and Netbackup are completelly different. BE is for small or medium enterprise and NBU is for the big enterprise. The BE databse on SQL and it is not much scalable and NBU uses Sybase as its database.

The look and feel is totally different. I have worked on both the products and can tell you that NBU has so many features and huge it terms of GUI and CLI, whereas for BE you don't have much use of CLI and can't be installed on Linux/AIX/SOlaris .......etc.

To understand BE and to work on it won't take much time once you know the basics there is no much in it but NBU is so huge that people working on this product for past 10-15 years still finding new commands and options everyday. It is supported on almost all the platform and almost all the agents.

Due to the fact that they want BE to be for small enterprise they made it very simple so it can be handled by anyone and you don't need a dedicated administrator but with NBU you definately need a Netbackup Administrator or you will end up calling support for all the basic things. If you new to NBU it won't be that easy to learn it and would suggest you to go for a basic training or find a partner and you can get lot of vedios on partner net.

These are just some differences and as you are exploring both of them you will find lot more:)

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very good differentiation explained by friend sazz... wv.. it's true newbiies who used BE and are moving on NBU finds it bit difficult in terms of operational behaviour. 

Hint: Just make admin guides your another friend till journey . It would help alot

For Enterprise Vault, i do agree with your problem, NBU does requires mutiple policies to be created just to protect single EV site (standalone server or multiple servers)

They are split into parts , Vault store, Index DB  and other etc. This is how it goes.

Following TN should help you in setting EV policies with NBU