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Documentation for the Active Directory Generator in Workflow 7?

Created: 25 Aug. 2009 • Aktualisiert: 21 Mai 2010 | 4 Kommentare

 We are looking for  information on the Generator in Workflows 7 and what they all can do ?  We used the AD Generator and are trying to make Filter option be a wildcard . it would be nice to understand what each generator can do and how to can config. them even more 


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das Bild der Pascal KOTTEs

Why the Doc allways late the products ?

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das Bild der stuper2s

 Yea the generators don't have enough doc yet. There are some videos here under "learn"

das Bild der Jason Shorts

 For the purpose of Active Directory, I would recommend that you use the Active Directory Library rather than a Generator.  In order to do a wildcard style search you can follows this directions:

1) Choose an AD Get component like "Get User with Details"
2) Goto to the "Input" Tab
3) Choose the "Set of Fields" Radio Button
4) Click on the ellipsis next to the desired field for your search (Last Name)
5) Choose "Dynamic Value" the click "Edit"
6) In the text editor, drag in the desired variable as your search and put an * after the variable (without a space) this will act like a wild card with a partial search term.  For example typing "Sm" in a search box might then return all records where the last name starts with "Sm"